To support the psRNATarget, please cite: Xinbin Dai and Patrick X. Zhao, psRNATarget: A Plant Small RNA Target Analysis Server, Nucleic Acids Research, 2011, W155-9. doi: 10.1093/nar/gkr319.
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---- A Plant Small RNA Target Analysis Server       
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User-submitted small RNAs / preloaded transcripts Preloaded small RNAs / user-submitted transcripts User-submitted small RNAs / user-submitted transcripts
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- file / input sequence size limit: 200M.
- invalid small RNAs will be ignored during analysis.
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Maximum expectation (* Prefer lower false positive prediction rate? Please set a more stringent cut-off threshold [0-2.0]; Prefer higher prediction coverage? Please set a more relaxed cut-off threshold [4.0-5.0]):     (range: 0-5.0)      
Length for complementarity scoring (hspsize):     (range: 15-30bp)      
# of top target genes for each small RNA:     (range: 1-1000)      
Target accessibility - allowed maximum energy to unpair the target site (UPE):     (range: 0-100, less is better)      
Flanking length around target site for target accessibility analysis   bp in upstream / bp in downstream        
Range of central mismatch leading to translational inhibition:      -    nt       


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