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Location:  Details of Homeodomain-TALE-BEL family

Family Type Transcription factor
Plant Specific No
Functional Domains DNA binding domain
Must-have InterProScan Domain Pattern (IPR001356 or IPR009057) and IPR006563
Prohibited InterProScan Domain Pattern IPR005541 IPR005540 IPR001005 IPR001965 IPR011011 IPR019787 IPR019786 IPR006712 IPR006447 IPR006712 IPR006456

Plant homeobox genes can be classified into 14 classes based on sequence differentiation and fusion with characteristic codomain sequences. Homeobox genes encode a typical DNA-binding domain of 60 amino acids, known as homeodomain. Typically, homeodomain folds into characteristic 3D structure containing three alpha-helices, of which the second and third form a helix-turn-helix motif. Three-Amino acid-Loop Extension, or TALE, superclass is characterized by 63 aa, with three extra residues inserted between helix 1 and 2. KNOX and BEL are to subclass of TALE superclass. These two classes of TALE HD proteins found in plants, KNOX and BEL, are characterized by a conserved codomain structure. The BEL class of proteins is uniquely characterized by two conserved domains upstream of the homeodomain, called SKY and BEL.


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The family is the subfamily family of TALE in PlantTFDB.

The family is the subfamily family of HB in PlnTFDB.

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