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Plants undergoing developmental processes or responding to environmental changes typically alter the expression of many genes, which are controlled by transcription factors (TFs) and other transcriptional regulators (TRs) in local or global transcriptional regulatory networks. Understanding plant gene regulatory mechanisms at a systems level necessitates systematical identification and categorization of TFs and TRs on a genome scale.

Here, we present PlantTFcat, which is a high-performance web-based plant transcription factor and transcriptional regulator categorization and analysis tool, designed to identify and categorize TFs and TRs in genome-scale protein or nucleic acid sequences. The PlantTFcat’s prediction logic was built upon a comprehensive collection of manually compiled and curated conserved domain patterns found in almost all (118, to be specific) published plant TF and TR families up to date, and thus guarantees high quality prediction in terms of both accuracy and coverage.

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