LegumeIP V3: From Models to Crops - An Integrative Gene Discovery Platform for Translational Genomics in Legumes

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mRNA-seq, small RNA-seq and genome sequencing of peanut species Whole transcription changes followed by hybridization and polyploidization in peanut University of Georgia
Transcriptional Analysis of Wild Species Peanut Under Induced Drought Stress This project involves preliminary research for the introduction of increased drought tolerance into the cultivated peanut. We propose to conduct a transcriptional analysis of Arachis ipaensis Krapov. and W.C. Gregory (B genome donor) and Arachis dardani for presence of candidate genes for drought tolerance. A. ipaensis is one of the recognized progenitor species for cultivated peanut and currently has a published genome sequence available to serve as a reference genome. A. dardani is a species w......[More] Texas A&M Agrilife
  • https://doi.org/10.1002/agg2.20069;