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Gene Expression Profiling of Hordeum vulgare (vulgare L) Leaves Exposed to Daylength Treatment

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Condition List

Name Experiment Genotype Mutation Stage Tissue/organ Treatment Level Time Selected Samples
ShortDay_S42-IL107_W2_16DAS Transcriptome analysis of ...... S42-IL107 W2.0 Leaf Short Day
  • ShortDay_S42-IL107_W2_16DAS-1
  • ShortDay_S42-IL107_W2_16DAS-2
  • ShortDay_S42-IL107_W2_16DAS-3
ShortDay_S42-IL107_W1_7DAS Transcriptome analysis of ...... S42-IL107 W1.0 Leaf Short Day
  • ShortDay_S42-IL107_W1_7DAS-1
  • ShortDay_S42-IL107_W1_7DAS-2
  • ShortDay_S42-IL107_W1_7DAS-3
LongDay_Scarlett_W2_9DAS Transcriptome analysis of ...... Scarlett W2.0 Leaf Long Day
  • LongDay_Scarlett_W2_9DAS-1
  • LongDay_Scarlett_W2_9DAS-2
  • LongDay_Scarlett_W2_9DAS-3
LongDay_Scarlett_W1_3DAS Transcriptome analysis of ...... Scarlett W1.0 Leaf Long Day
  • LongDay_Scarlett_W1_3DAS-1
  • LongDay_Scarlett_W1_3DAS-2
  • LongDay_Scarlett_W1_3DAS-3
LongDay_S42-IL107_W1_3DAS Transcriptome analysis of ...... S42-IL107 W1.0 Leaf Long Day
  • LongDay_S42-IL107_W1_3DAS-1
  • LongDay_S42-IL107_W1_3DAS-2
  • LongDay_S42-IL107_W1_3DAS-3
LongDay_S42-IL017_W2_6DAS Transcriptome analysis of ...... S42-IL107 W2.0 Leaf Long Day
  • LongDay_S42-IL017_W2_6DAS-1
  • LongDay_S42-IL017_W2_6DAS-2
  • LongDay_S42-IL017_W2_6DAS-3