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RNA-seq of tomato in low nitrogen RNA-seq of two contrasting tomato genotypes in response to low nitrogen Huazhong agricultural university
The tomato MYB21 acts in ovules to mediate jasmonate-regulated fertility The function of the plant hormone jasmonic acid (JA) in development of tomato flowers was analyzed with a mutant defective in JA perception (jasmonate-insensitive1-1, jai1-1). In contrast to Arabidopsis JA-insensitive plants that are male sterile, the tomato mutant jai1-1 exhibits major defects in female development resulting in female sterility. To identify putative JA-dependent regulatory components, transcriptomics was performed using isolated ovules of three different stages of flower develo......[More] Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry Department of Cell and Metabolic Biology
Effect of asymptomatic infection with southern tomato virus on tomato plants Southern tomato virus (STV) often infects healthy tomato plants (Solanum lycopersicum). In this study, we compared STV-free and STV-infected cultivar M82 plants to determine the effect of STV infection on the host plant. STV-free plants exhibited a short and bushy phenotype, whereas STV-infected plants exhibited increased height. STV-infected plants produced more fruit than STV-free plants, and the germination rate of seeds from STV-infected plants was higher than that of seeds from STV-free pla......[More] Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology 2