Please cite our paper: Jun Li,Xinbin Dai,Tingsong Liu and Patrick Xuechun Zhao. LegumeIP: an integrative database for comparative genomics and transcriptomics of model legumes. Nucleic Acids Research 2012 Jan ;40(Database issue):D1221-D1229.
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An Integrative Platform to Study Gene Function and Genome Evolution in Legumes (Version 2.0)    
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LegumeIP downloaded genomic sequences from the following genome sequencing project:

OrganismRelease No.Link
Medicago truncatulaMt4.0link
Glycine max1.1link
Lotus japonicus2.5link
Cicer arietinum1.0link
Phaseolus vulgaris1.0link
Cicer arietinumV5.0link
Arabidopsis thalianaV10link
Populus trichocarpaV3.0link

LegumeIP collected transcriptomic data from the following database:


Other valuable legume databases:

The Cool Season Food Legume Genome Databaselink
Legume Information Systemlink
Soybean Knowledge Base (SoyKB)link

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